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11th of September: Galleries issues
Added by Numbus 4th 2005f September 2005 10:23
Edited: Barros 25th 2009f August 2009 05:01

Gallery issues fixed
The error Numbus told you about before (see below) is fixed now. The HentaiKey login has been fixed too. Enjoy the site. Please report any errors on our forums in the DoujinDomination section.

~ Barros

I just want to inform all our visitors that we fixed the gallery issue a while ago that made the doujinshi display without any logical order. Now everything is lined up from 1 to end like it suppose to be...

Other then that. We still have some problems with the major galleries. When a gallery has more then 3 pages of doujinshi titles in it. It cuts off the 3 page and up. We are already working on this issue. And as soon it has been fixed we can go back to the somewhat inregular but still more frequent updates of doujindomination.

That was all for today!

- Numbus

21th of June: Longest Day
Added by Numbus 21st 2005f June 2005 00:14
Edited: 21st 2005f June 2005 00:14

Longest Day of the year
Because its the longest day in the year, I thought it would be nice to give you more fapping material so you can get through it alright heh. Because the rises early and sets late. So it will be nice. Anyway I hope you enjoy this update to DoujinDomination. And that most of you sceptic people get proven wrong. As DoujinDomination is STILL alive and will get MORE updates. Soon.

I am going to the Anime-Expo in Annaheim this year. So I might be able to get some brand new doujinshi with me. Scan them and put them as DoujinDomination exclusives on the web. I think a lot of people here would like that ;).

Enjoy the update and enjoy your day.

- Numbus

11th of June: Work Completed
Added by Numbus 11th 2005f June 2005 12:41
Edited: Numbus 11th 2005f June 2005 12:41

Work Completed
Yesterday I thought I fixed it. But I was wrong... But anyway. It is now. All the images and doujinshi are working again. The only Exception to this rule is: 20/02/2005 Youre Under Arrest - Bokutou Private File This doujin got imported incorrectly and will not show up properly.

Thank your patience and I hope you enjoy Doujin Domination again.

- Numbus

PS: Only 1 thing left to fix and that is the doujin importer. Hope to get it back tomorrow!

10th of June 2005: Working
Added by Numbus 10th 2005f June 2005 19:17
Edited: 10th 2005f June 2005 23:19

Site is fully operational again. If you find any bugs/errors please contact us through www.hentaipalm.com contact form.

Thank you.

Site has moved to a faster server now. And we got more space to put more updates online!! So there you have it. DoujinDomination.com is not DEAD as so many people claim it to be.

At this very moment I am working on fixing the website. (notice the error page when log in). So please bear with me for now.

- Numbus

26th of January 2005: RELAUNCH!
Added by Barros 26th 2005f January 2005 15:52
Edited: Barros 26th 2005f January 2005 16:05

Wow, it took a long, long time, but finally we can proudly present you DoujinDomination again. Nothing changed as far as the contents are concerened, but the code changed dramatically. I hope this keeps the load of the server (the main reason to shut down the site) to a minumum.

More content will probably added later this week.

1st and 6th of Novemeber: Fixed
Added by Numbus 1st 2004f November 2004 06:35
Edited: Barros 6th 2004f November 2004 16:00

We moved server, and it went horrible wrong, some errors in the php and SQL. Anyway should be fixed now. It is possible that the first 3 days the site will be slow. This is because the server has to build up a cache system for all the images on the site. So it will take about 2/3 days till all the regular doujins are browsed through.

Anyway, we are back online again. Sorry for the downtime. Still have to wait for the Update I promised tho. The doujins are uploaded, but I have to learn how to update with the new importer lol.

- Numbus

Update 6th of November
A few more errors occurd. Today, I changed something in the scripts, I hope thing will run better now.

~ Barros

25th of October: Back Online
Added by Numbus 25th 2004f October 2004 10:00
Edited: 25th 2004f October 2004 10:00

Some problems with the server move, but finally it works like it should. I am going to update the site with 200 doujins to "celebrate" the successfull move.

Sorry for the downtime!

9th of October 2004: new doujins added
Added by Barros 9th 2004f October 2004 12:10
Edited: 9th 2004f October 2004 12:10

Finally, after a long time of no updates we bring you a new update of over 50 new doujins. Hot! Check it out now! Have fun.

Sister Princess doujins added
Added by Barros 30th 2004f August 2004 08:07
Edited: 30th 2004f August 2004 08:13

Allthough there were some Sister Princess doujins in the database, more have been added (see the list to the right).

The doujins from the static version of DoujinDomination will be added soon, together with some new doujins.

Over 1000 doujins and more coming up
Added by Numbus 14th 2004f August 2004 07:48
Edited: Barros 30th 2004f August 2004 08:06

Okay, we added more than 1000 doujins to the site, and more will be added soon. If you where wondering what happend with the old DoujinDomination doujins, well I can tell you, they will be readded soon.

2 Stroke - CRM
2x2 Shinobuden - Shinobu de Hassuru
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar - Die Knop
Akane Maniax - Drop of summer
Akane Maniax - Lovers Leap 03
Akane Maniax - Matter of Principle
Angelic Layer - Time Limit
Art Books - B4U
Art Books - Hybird Child Extra 5
Art Books - Poinsettia
Art Books - Pretty Well Glamorous Colors
2 Stroke - Harris
Art Books - Scribble 2
Art Books - Smiling [Quator Area]
Art Books - The Siberian Railroad girl
Art Books - Ura 3
Art Books - Wild Cards
Azumanga Daioh - Koyomi to Ren-nyu Torori Waffuru
Azumanga Daioh - Koyomi
Azumanga Daioh - Outlet 10
Azumanga Daioh - Go Go
Azumanga Daioh - As Ever
2 Stroke - RMX
Rozen Maid - Doudora
2 Stroke - TS
2x2 Shinobuden - Koyuki Gatame
2x2 Shinobuden - Nin Nin
2x2 Shinobuden - Momoiro Ninpou Hidensho
2x2 Shinobuden - Miyabi-chan no Himitsu
2x2 Shinobuden - Ranchiki2

Youre Under Arrest - Kocher Final
Youre Under Arrest - Bokutou Private File
Youre Under Arrest - Fire!! Cracker 6
Youre Under Arrest - Fire!! Cracker 3
Youre Under Arrest - Taiho Sichauzo The Doujin 3
Youre Under Arrest - To Long Spring
Youre Under Arrest - Taiho
Youre Under Arrest - Soul Mate
Youre Under Arrest - Unknown
Youre Under Arrest - Fujishima Spirits
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